I had this picture unfinishe for months and I didn't finish it until now because of the background. Painting all those buildings were not easy, I suck at backgrounds!!


Comision: Adv. in Tomb Raiding 3

Commission abour mermaids and Greek myths. Th background sucks once again, nothing new!


Fan Art, Tomb Raider Underworld

 I love Lara Croft since I was a little girl and I liked so much her last adventure, so here's a fanart.


Comision Adventures in Tomb Raiding 2

A commission about a super nice idea. A sexy arqueologist is exploring and ancient egipcian tomb and finds a valuable statue of the goddess Bastet. When se touches it she instantly becomes into a cat.


T-shirt design 1

Al fin, me he puesto y lo he terminado. La cara al final se la hice digital, no podia ser de otra manera ya que se me cayo la tinta china encima del dibujo. El coloreado con el Sai y los detalles finales como los brochazos de acuarela y las letras con Photoshop.

El proceso como siempre aqui abajo.