Sketch Altaïr

A little sketch about my fave character on Assassin's Creed, Altaïr (the second one is Connor and the third Ezio, yes, opposite as the 90% of the fans, now you can hate me XD)

Done in my red Moleskine and added some retouches using Sai and Photoshop as always.


Ciborg fairy

Last commission I've made. An electronic bondage fairy, I don't know how I can call her :) You can see here a little video of the proccess.


Moleskine I

Some pictures from my Moleskine, nothing so good or special, just for fun :)


Cover: "La Casa de las Tierras Altas"

This is a cover for Laura Cuenca's book called La casa de las tierras altas. So happy with the result :)


Death hear me...

This is maybe my favorite design on black ink that I've ever made until now, because of it's meaning because maybe it's not very good as a design itself...

Inspired by Cyanide song from my fave band Metallica: