The Huntress + Wallpaper

"This woman is a huntress, but she doesn't only hunt animals, she catches their spirits and then makes old rituals to thank the mother Earth and release those spirits, so they can reborn in new animals and continue the cycle..."

This is a very special and personal picture for me. It's quite inspired in last album of Mastodon called "The Hunter", inspired a little in native indian culture and a little because I'm an Aries (that's about of the goat skull ^^)

 I hope you like it :)

WALLPAPER 1920x1080


Manifesto sketch

Just trying new styles. This is Jessica Chastain on the new YSL advertising of perfume called Manifesto.



This is a quick sketch of Connor Kenway, also known as Ratonhnhake:ton, main character on Assassin's Creed III, I love so much Connor and this game!


Nice stuff :)

I've bought these cute things on ArtsCow using my pictures as designs for their templates. I have to say I love them so much and I hope to make more things on the future and using  of course new and better illustrations. No need to say that I highly recommend the site ;)


Mermaid sketch

Mermaid sketch I've already done, about 40 minutes. Just practicing again :)


Vampy Cafe

I tried to change a little my style on this picture. I'm still practicing and recovering my art since the last happenings. I just hope to continue my improvement...


Freedom for my people

I'm practicing and recovering my artistic illusions and hopes... Still need to improve but I'm feeling myself again :)

Link to deviantART


Moleskine 009

Fountain pen and blue ink.
Someday I will finish my red Moleskine :)


Shae quick sketch

 A very quick sketch about Shae from Game of Thrones :)


Black birds

Another practice, not very good but I could learn some new things :)



Stalking Jerusalem - Assassin's Creed

A little sketch that became a full illustration but I still need practice on colors, background and lineart. You can see some little screenshots I did while I was working. 

What about the character? It's Altaïr Ibn-L'Ahad from Assasin's Creed! :)


Bone Valley

I just had an idea while listening to a song and all this lines just came out. I made some retouches to colors on Photoshop to provide it a little vintage touch.

This picture was inspired by this song from Mastodon called Dry Bone Valley.



My friend Marina asked me to make her some tattoo designs, so here they are three mischievous witches, but only one was chosen! That one fits best with her, it's the sweetest one. I love how it came out, it's my first picture that gets tattooed! :)