Watercolor and pastels sketches

These are a couple of sketches using different traditionar art techniques just for practice :)
First one made with watercolor and pen.
Second one made with soft pastels, pen and white acrylic paint.


Gemstone series 1: Rubi

Practicing Art Nouveau again. This is a simple picture made with black ink and colored in Sai. I hope to make a series including six or eight of this kind.


Veika's Art Nouveau Zodiac

It's finally done. This is my zodiac, pretty inspired in art nouveau. I hope to color it soon :)
Zodiac names are in Spanish

Please ask me if you want to use it!!!


The Gold Trader

My last picture. I'm still practicing but I never improve, or that's what I feel!



Girl, birds, roses

This picture started good but I ruined it because I didn't know how to color it...


Blue dragonfly

This is just a digital color practice, a cute dragonfly girl. I don't use to draw this kind of pictures but it was very nice to do, and easy :)


Zodiac and Instagram surprise

I'm making a zodiac using a little Art Nouveau style. Aries and Aquarian are already done. And I'm very happy becasue I've received a "like" on Instagram of one of my idols: James Hetfield, frontman of Metallica @papa_het_ I'm so happy he liked my art!! I feel super motivated now :)


La nuit éternelle - Second Art Nouveau practice

I'm not very happy with this one. It was going to be the first picture of a triptych, but I think I'm going to make new designs but keeping the same ideas that I had on the beggining.


AC3 DLC The Redemption

I couldn't resist to draw him! :) This is a little and quick sketch of Ratohnhake:ton (Connor) on the third part of the DLC, where he has wolf, eagle and bear powers, and yes...he has blue eyes!! :O


Chanson d'avril - My first Art Nouveau picture

This is my first Art Nouveu picture, inspired in master Alfons Mucha and in my recent visit to Paris. I painted it traditionaly with coloured pencils and black marker. I used a couple of adjustement layers on Photoshop. I hope I can make more like this :)



Now you can follow me on Instagram!! My user is veika_art, I'm going to upload here a lot of wips and sketches, I hope you like them :)

Adventures in Tomb Rading 4

Another commission about this sexy adventurer, this time she becomes into a sexy succubus :)


Girl with ravens

A random and quickie picture without references. Black indian ink wash and fountain pen.


Lady of the scorpion

 "There's a lot of toxic and poisonous people everywhere, they are not what they seem..."

I made this picture quickly, just to practice some new things on skin colors. As you can see I always make a lot of changes on the original sketch. I hope you like it :)