Color pencils on wood panel

First time I use color pencils on a wooden panel. I really hope to improve this technique, I love it


A5 sketch

Little sketch made with pencils. I want to transfer it to a wooden panel, I hope I can do it.


Crusader-centauress commission

Little commission work, need to improve backgrounds and coloring a lot... :/


Adventures in TR5: Basket Case - Naga Commission

My friend Jack asked me to draw the fifth part of his adventures, this time the action happens inside a naga temple in Asia, where her adventurer comes lookig for treasures, but goddess Kali has another plans for her.


Looking to the past

Sometimes is good to remind our past...at least just to look for the best memories...

Prismacolor+white acrylic


Mariée au printemps

Little Art Nouveu practice, my traditional art is not good. I need a lot of hours of training with my Prismacolor colored pencils.


Emissary of death

An empty shell without mercy
An emissary of death
Digital work, painted with Sai and Photoshop

Wallpaper 1080x1920



First time I use Prismacolor color pencils. Really awesome but quite hard for a begginer like me.